The very first “Flow Series Paintings* began to emerge in 2003. The theme has been ongoing ever since, including a series of works on paper entitled “Meditations on Flow”. Having lived most of my life near a body of water, whether it be on the on the north east coast of the Atlantic Ocean or Pacific Ocean surrounding the Islands of Hawaii or the lakes and rivers of Zürich, Switzerland. I realize that the element of water has played a significant role in my life.  I am also aware of the vast  importance this element water has for our existence on this planet overall. It is more though my intention in these works to be concentrated on conveying a more energetic level of flow that is not specific only to the element of water per se. The theme of Flow is considered also on the metaphysical, philosophical, and energetic levels.

“To go with the flow of life's events, adapting to the constant altercations and transitions, to stay afloat and the be carried onward to unexpected ground.

-To be refreshed and comforted, to loose ones’s gaze in water’s reflective and mirrored constantly changing surface, but also respectful of the water elements’s vast and powerful energy.”

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Flow Series