Micro-Macro Series


I had the great fortune to study with the late  sculptor Sidney Geist  at the New York Studio School of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture. Sidney besides being an accomplished sculptor himself, was also a world renowned Constantin Brâncuși historian and specialist. One of Brancusi’s favorite books  was “The Life of Milarepa”, the great Tibetan saint.

While reading, Milarepa’s book, I came upon a text that inspired me to make this series of watercolor and charcoal drawings. It is written in the book, “As for the dakinis, who play such a prominent role in the spiritual imagery of The LIfe, the term means literally “ she who moves trough space” Among the many interpretations of this term, the one that is perhaps the most germane is “she who enjoys the expanse of Emptiness”-that is who has attained higher illumination. In a certain sense, the dakinis and the dakas, their male counterparts correspond to the yidams in that they are manifestations of the higher state of Enlightenment within both man and the universe.

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